MED Type Approval for New Series 600 ECDIS

DNV-GL Certification

Type approval has been officially received from the notified body DNV-GL for Highlander’s third-generation ECDIS, denominated “HLD-ECDIS 600.”  This latest ECDIS, developed entirely in-house, is a meaningful step forward for Highlander, in the sense that its predecessor, the “HLD-ECDIS 100” was built around other-make software on an OEM licensing basis.  The new Series 600 ECDIS is the fruit of tens of thousands of man-hours of developmental engineering.  Robustness and stability were the design bywords from the outset.  The system OS is Microsoft Windows 7.  Bridge displays are available in two sizes:  26 and 24 inches.

The Series 600 ECDIS meets the new rules for ECDIS as decreed in 2015 by the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).   This means that it abides by IEC 61174 Edition 4.0 and its software follows IHO Presentation Library Annex A Edition 4.0 and IHO Publication S-52 Edition 6.1.  Moreover, it is tested in accordance with IHO Publication S-64 Edition 3.0.1.  At this writing, the Highlander Series 600 is one of very few ECDIS to meet these new requirements.