Rudder angle indicators (RAI)

The Highlander rudder angle indicator (RAI) system accurately transfers the rudder stock angular position from steering gear room to wheelhouse.

Steering gear hardware consists of a microprocessor-based transmission unit (one per rudder) and a precision mechanical linkage assembly.

Wheelhouse indicators are a three-face 270° panoramic type for mounting to overhead along with a series of port-starboard dial devices in different enclosures for recessing in console or fixing with bracket to console surface or bulkhead.  All RAIs are regulated in illumination by a separate dimmer.

The dial rudder angle indicator is available in three square sizes: 192 mm., 144 mm. and 96 mm.  Rudder angle faceplates are available in three graduations: ±35°, ±45° and ±65°.

The RAI system is fed with electrical power from its central connection and distribution unit.

All devices are robust in construction and are highly tolerant of vibration and shock.