Discontinued Products

It is common knowledge that electronics change continously and that components can go into obsolescence over a remarkably short time. In light of this, Highlander goes all out to design products that utilize the very latest componentry and so forestall their becoming outdated for as long as possible. Yet the finite nature of electronics remains so and for this reason, along with the compelling need to innovate, Highlander modernizes its products on a regular basis.

When a product is taken out of production due to the introduction of a newer model, Highlander undertakes to continue producing spare parts for it for as long as is reasonably possible. In most cases this time period is set at ten years.

The current list of discontinued Highlander products is shown here below:

Name and Model Spare Parts Until
Voyage data recorder HLD-A No longeravailable
Voyage data recorder HLD-A1 No longeravailable
Voyage data recorder HLD-A2 No longeravailable
Simplified voyage data recorder HLD-S No longeravailable
Voyage data recorder HLD-B2 2023-12-31
Simplified voyage data recorder HLD-S2 2023-12-31