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Highlander Worldwide Service

Reaching across six continents, Highlander’s service stations are the cornerstone of the company’s quality assurance system.  We do everything possible to ensure that equipment is repaired speedily and effectively by providing for expert technicians and spare parts stocks in seaports across the globe.  We also have a team of factory engineers whom we dispatch at a moment’s notice for extraordinary interventions.

Use the directory below to find the nearest Highlander service station:

Online Service Request Form (in lieu of direct contact with service station)

Complete all data fields then press SEND at the bottom
The HIGHLANDER SERVICE CENTER will take quick action on your request and will send an answer to you by email and, if warranted, by telephone. In submitting your request you tacitly authorize us to share it with our certified service stations around the World.

Round-the-Clock 24 Hour Technical Support

Calling from Outside China

+86 1390 164 9760

Calling from Within China

+86 1519 094 8055

Calling from Within China (split-paid toll-free service)

400 088 3335