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Highlander's large office and factory complex in Beijing
Highlander’s large office and factory complex in Beijing
The Highlander company, formally chartered in Year 2001 as the Beijing Highlander Digital Technology Co., Ltd., is today one of around two thousand companies listed on the Shenzen Stock Exchange (SZSE), the eighth largest stock exchange in the World measured by market capitalization.  Highlander’s business activities fall into three areas:

1)  Advanced equipment and systems for seagoing vessels.

2)  Multi-sensor systems for monitoring maritime and airport activity.

3)  High-end instrumentation and services for the oceanographic and hydrographic sectors.

Advanced Equipment and Systems for Seagoing Vessels

The first business area consists chiefly of electronic navigation and communications equipment and automation systems for the marine industry.  Highlander was one of the World’s pioneers in voyage data recorders, mandated by the International Maritime Organization in 1998.  Building on its success in equipping several thousand ships with VDR, the company expanded its product range to encompass the greater part of the sensors, devices and systems required for modern ship navigation.  Highlander today produces radar, ECDIS (electronic charts), autopilots, VDR, steering devices and BNWAS alarm systems.  A pinnacle in the product range is an integrated navigation system (INS), uniting all of the ship’s navigation devices into a single cohesive arrangement.

This business area also includes sophisticated automation systems governing ship’s propulsion, cargo management, electrical power generation and distribution, ballasting, bilges, navigation lights, doors and watertight fittings and fire system.

Multi-Sensor Systems for Monitoring Maritime and Airport Activity

Highlander designs and delivers both large and small scale electronic surveillance systems to maritime port authorities, private port operators, coastguards, offshore oil and gas exploration and production companies, aqua farmers, wind farm operators and other enterprises needing to monitor valuable assets. Highlander also builds surface movement radar for airports.

In the maritime sphere the main sensor is radar.  Highlander radars for VTS and coastal surveillance employ large antenna arrays yielding high gain and sharp beam formation.  Day and nighttime camera and AIS are the other invaluable sensors utilized in these surveillance systems.

High-End Instrumentation and Services for the Oceanographic and Hydrographic Sectors

Highlander’s other business area belongs to its subsidiary company Laurel Technologies, one of China’s leading suppliers of hydrographic survey and ocean mapping instruments and services.  Laurel Technologies supplies best-in-class single and multi beam echo sounders, side scan sonar, conductivity-temperature-depth (CTD) profilers, sub-bottom profilers, surface velocity measurement systems, remote operated vehicles (ROVs) and autonomous underwater and surface vehicles (AUVs and ASVs).  These instruments are elemental for civil and marine engineering, offshore oil and gas exploration/production and scientific activity in the littoral and riverine environs.

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